Snatch and Slay Squad

“Be the change you wish to see, do it for you and only you”

Are y'all ready to get snatched and slay in a squad full of beautiful powerful queens?

The Snatch And Slay Squad you will receive 1 pre-recorded workout and 5 live fitness workouts a week which will be saved and can be accessed for 24 hours. They will also be saved and uploaded as an IGTV so you will be able to work out with me no matter where you are in the world.

The workouts will be varied covering the full body. You will also receive extra goodies throughout the week with private videos, Q&As, diet and nutrition tips with a bundle of positivity and motivation to keep you going.

Lauren Alexa fitness is a qualified personal trainer and dance graduate, she trains people in the gym. However, she has decided to take her workouts online so she can reach as many beautiful souls as possible to help snatch, transform and slay their body goals.

The workouts will be a mixture of HIIT, bodyweight, weights and resistance bands so there is something for everyone, if you do not have any weights, this is perfectly fine. Get creative, do a shop around the house and use things you have for your weights.

This is perfect for anyone who wants a transformation mentally and physically. It's great if you want extra motivation, be apart of a snatched community and to be trained live by a PT. The workouts will be perfect for those who want to look good, feel good, lose weight, tone and build. It's perfect for those who want to work out from home, mothers, students, people who want to get fit and healthy and for the gym-goers who want that extra push.

In other words, this is for EVERYONE. All of my queens who are ready to get snatched and slay in a squad full of supportive beautiful people.

Subscribing to my private community will be £15 per month, 1 session with me is usually £35 an hour, you are getting 4 recorded workouts and 20 live sessions a month with me as well as extras for only £15. This works out to be 62p per session to get snatched, to slay and to have fun 6 days a week!

I am so excited to be working with all of you guys on this journey, it is going to be a beautiful one, now let's get snatched.

1. Setup your subscription

2. In the checkout process you will be asked to input your Instagram handle @

3. You will receive an e-receipt for your subscription sign up and my private Instagram handle will be displayed on this order confirmation.

4. Request to follow the page and we will accept your requests once we align it with your subscription order.

5. Get Snatched and Slay!

£15.00 / month (No Contract)

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