Hey! My name is Lauren and I’m the founder of LaurenAlexa Fitness. LaurenAlexa Fitness is a company dedicated to bringing you products to support you on your weight loss journey in an easy and natural way.

My own personal journey led me to start this business. For most of my life I was quite slim, due to my keen interest in dance and sport. As I got a little bit older and life got in the way, I found myself piling on the pounds. Originally a size 8, I then found myself being a size 14/16 (UK dress size), which was unfamiliar to me.

After a while, I decided I wanted to get closer to my previous weight and try to rebuild my confidence. I had a look around for diet plans, but I couldn’t find a meal plan that was for me, simple and easy to cook meals, made with tasty ingredients, so I created my own. My background in studying nutrition and the body, helped enable me to create a plan that targeted weight loss. I’m also a big foodie, so it was so important that I ate real food rather than going on a crazy diet where you just drink liquids for ages or have the same boring chicken and vegetables for weeks on end.

I made sure the plan was full of food that I love to eat, seasoned in a way that made it tasty! I also signed up to the gym and the rest was history...

My starting weight was just under 14 stone and over a period of around 3/4 months I was able to lose around 3 ½ stone and dropped down to a size 8/10.

Those around me were so proud and amazed by my transformation and I was forever being asked to share the secret. Until this point, I had no idea that others had been struggling with their weight and confidence in the same way I had.

Over my own personal journey, I learnt what worked great, and conversely, what didn’t work so great. I had those temptations of chocolate and all those yummy but awful things, and at times I gave in. Every time I gave in I felt awful! My body hated it, I hated that I given in and I was disappointed in myself. Over time I learned discipline, I gave myself pep talks, I motivated myself. BUT, it would have been so amazing to have someone supporting me, giving me those positive affirmations and even giving me that tough love I needed to hear. All of this made me realise that I needed to share the plan with others and support them on their journey because I know first-hand how hard but amazing it can all be.

I’m a firm believer of realness. Real food, real people and real results. With hard work, dedication, perseverance and discipline , you can achieve any goal you have. I did. So can you! This journey is hard but absolutely worth it. Believe in yourself always, you can do this!


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