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June 23, 2018
Lauren Alexa – Home Workout Plan
May 13, 2019

Lauren Alexa – 6 Week Diet Plan (Vegan / Vegetarian)


Drawing on the knowledge I acquired by studying nutrition as part of my degree, I designed this meal plan with weight loss, nutrition, affordability and taste in mind. The entire contents of the plan is what I followed on my own personal weight loss journey. This 6-week varied diet plan is designed to help you lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle by restoring your body with some of the best foods that are not only tasty, varied and simple to cook but also low in calories. The plan consists of a 6-week detailed guide of 3 meals a day along with snacks in between. I designed the meal plan to be realistically sustainable, easily manageable and within an affordable budget. A weekly shop for the plan is around £25-30. The plan is delivered to you as a downloadable E-book.

This plan consists of:
• 6-week in-depth plan
• Suitable for Vegans / Vegetarians
• Shopping list for each week
• How to cook it
• How to season your food
• Alterations
• Lauren Alexa’s secret blends
• Detailed description on why I have included the foods I have
• Why the foods your consuming are good for the body
• Advice/tips

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